Jewellery with a Conscience: Our Thoughts on Silver

As an eco-silver jewellery brand, concerns of an environmental and ethical nature sit close to our heart. Built around a shared love of craftsmanship, sustainability and nature, our mother-daughter business seeks to be as environmentally friendly as possible. With the majority of our products made from recycled and traceable silver, we want to lift the veil on the silver mining industry and demonstrate how our jewellery doesn’t cost the earth.

The facts about silver mining

Most silver is mined out of Mexico and Peru, as well as a few sources found in Australia, Poland and Russia. Interestingly, only 30% of silver is mined from silver mines, with 70% obtained as a by-product from other mining operations; most people don’t realise this; nor do they understand how detrimental silver mining is on the environment.

Mining destroys the world around us; not only does it churn up the earth we live on, it releases pollutants into the atmosphere. It typically takes tons of rock to be uprooted and displaced to yield just a few grams of this precious material. We dig away, with little thought of how our actions may leave devastating long-term effects on our planet. Miles of land, habitats, animals and plants are displaced in the process. We’re a business that cares about these things and we have consciously developed a brand that resists these actions.

And who does this mining?

Even today, mining involves people. People subjected to labour practices reminiscent of the industries slavery roots. Inherently dangerous, it is unfortunate that many families in developing countries rely on this trade for their livelihood. Mining companies know this and they will exploit the lives of those less fortunate to garner the materials and money they desire.

We don’t want to be a brand that feeds their greed. There has been a huge movement towards fairer trade in terms of food and clothes in recent years, but we are on a mission to establish jewellery with the same amount of scrutiny. Next time you come to buy a new set of earrings or another bracelet, think about where, and who, it has come from.

Does ethical silver exist?

Considering the ethical and environmental implications of the silver mining industry, you’re probably wondering where our silver originates. Well, we champion a greener alternative to  ‘new’ sterling silver – exactly the same in every other way as your usual sterling silver, it’s just made from silver that has been used before. Purified to the highest level, our eco sterling silver might be recycled but the quality prevails. Durable and handcrafted, our jewellery prolongs the ‘shelf life’ of a metal that has already been mined from the earth. Yes, it is still the product of a destructive industry, but that damage is done. We prevent more from happening by making use of the silver already circulating the earth.

Unique, our jewellery embodies history and prolongs identity. Inspired by textures and patterns of the earth, we create special pieces seeking connection, cherishment and a second lease of life. Proud of the transparency of the materials we use, we consistently question where and how our materials have originated and urge you to do the same. Only through spreading the message can we hope to enter into a more conscious and sustainable future. A future that will be around for years to come.

If you have any further questions about the materials we use, then get in touch – we’d love to hear from you! To shop our latest jewellery collection, please click here (add a link) and help us share our beautiful Ladytree Designs with the world.