Founded in 2016, Ladytree Designs has established itself as an ethical and sustainable jewellery brand. Ela and Hannah make every effort to run a business that has minimal impact on the environment.


Ladytree’s passion for sustainable living has led them to create a responsible jewellery brand for like-minded individuals who are looking to make lasting and purposeful purchases that strive for minimal impact on our planet.


We source our metals from a select few UK suppliers who offer 100% recycled options. Recycled metals will have come from a variety of sources - from scrap jewellery to industry - that is then refined and made into new material. This provides a sustainable alternative as recycling metal conserves natural resources by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, toxic waste, and using less energy than making metal from virgin ore. Because precious metals can be recycled repeatedly without degradation in quality, they are a naturally renewable resource.

Our main bullion supplier is one of the UK's oldest family run refineries, now in its 9th generation of family management. They refine all of their own metal in the UK and only supply 100% recycled Silver, 100% recycled Gold, Fairmined Gold, Single Mine Origin Gold, and Fairtrade Gold. They are also the official refinery for the NHS, recycling all of their used X-ray films!

Our chain supplier make the majority of their chains in the UK using only 100% recycled Silver, however findings are still not available in recycled metals and so your jewellery may have a small element of newly mined metal. We are continually striving to find new alternatives.

Our casting company use only recycled Silver as well as Fairmined Gold, Single Mine Origin Gold, and Fairtrade Gold

We only buy our gemstones from sources that have ethical policies themselves, i.e. they don’t knowingly trade in stones that are un-ethically or un-environmentally mined. Many of our stones and fossils are also found and cut by us in-house thereby reducing our carbon footprint further. The majority of stones we use are semi-precious, however if you would like to commission a design using a precious stone, we will source a fully traceable ethical stone for you.

If you have an old piece of jewellery that you have inherited or simply no longer wear, we can melt it down and repurpose it in to a new design for you! Find out more about our bespoke service


All of our packaging and marketing materials are plastic free and made from sustainable and/or recycled materials which is as kind to the environment as it is beautiful.

Your order will come packaged in a grey pillow box and tied with a wood pulp ribbon bow ready for gift giving. 

Please re-use or recycle when you receive your Ladytree Designs order.


We work with a small number of carefully chosen UK based suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, ethical working practices and those who predominantly use recycled and recyclable packaging materials.

We commit to only using 100% cotton products, as many fabrics contain acrylic which are essentially plastic fibres that cannot be recycled!

The majority of our card or paper supplies are made from recycled pulp and always from sustainable sources.


We aim to avoid harsh chemicals in our workshop and use natural alternatives where possible. We also have a strict recycling system in place and avoid letting anything go to waste, including using every last piece of metal that’s leftover from the making process. 

Our studio gallery is also solar powered!

We are always striving to improve our practices so if you have any questions or suggestions about our ethics please get in touch here.