As seen on Countryfile

It was just a few weeks before Christmas when we got a call from the BBC Countryfile team based in Bristol. They were planning their Wiltshire episode and wanted to feature a local craft with an unusual story – and they chose us!

The team were with Ela and her Mother, Hannah, for a day of filming and covered the journey of a gem, from being found in the ground to being set in a finished piece of jewellery.

Filming Day

We started the day fossil hunting in the local countryside and chatted to Anita Rani about how Wiltshire inspires our creative process, and particularly the local treasure, Star Coral, also known as Tisbury Coral. We then headed back to the workshop where we showed Anita how we prepare and set the Coral in a handmade Silver pendant. 

Family History

Kate Good Pottery

Our family history was also featured, as Ela and her Mother’s workshop is now based at the back of her Grandmother’s house and pottery shop where she has been for over 20 years. We are now three generations working together and inspiring each other.

Local Materials

Our brand ethos is to be as kind to the environment as possible. We use Eco Silver in all of our designs, packaging made from recycled and/or sustainable materials and source only ethical/sustainable gemstones. We hope to be able to use our brand to spread the awareness of the issues we are facing from fast fashion and climate change by encouraging local shopping, choosing sustainable brands and thinking before you buy. 

This is why we often choose to use materials from our local land such the Star Coral. We have also recently started using Ammonites and Yellow Calcite and you will be able to see some of these designs in coming months.

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